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LSC publishes chartering rates of its ships for the first time


LSC publishes chartering rates of its ships for the first time

march 23, 2012 / Latvian Shipping Company


For the first time, JSC Latvian Shipping Company (hereafter – LSC) has published the chartering rates achieved by the LSC fleet. The current management has succeeded in increasing charter rates in 2011 when compared with rates achieved in 2010 under the previous management.

Paul Thomas, member of the Management Board of LSC emphasizes that it is important for a public quoted company to be transparent and to provide interested parties, especially its investors, with all relevant company information. The management board believes this is good business practise and LSC will in future update this information on a quarterly basis.

In 2011, the medium size tankers (12 MR type tankers with carrying capacity of 52 thousand tons) achieved an average charter rate of USD 12 882 per day which is an 8.7% increase compared with 2010.

In turn the “handy” tankers (7 “handy” tankers with carrying capacity of 37 thousand tons each) achieved an average charter rate of USD 11 216 per day which is a 4.6 % increase on 2010.

LSC has performed favourably in comparison with its shipping peers throughout 2011 and during the most recent quarter published - Q4 2011.

The only tanker, for which the chartering rate has decreased within the last year, is the tanker “Riga” with carrying capacity of 68 thousand tons. It achieved USD 13,623 per day which is a 28% decrease on 2010. The decreased earnings on the Riga were a consequence of the vessel’s age (built in 2001) and also due to a lack of demand for such sized tankers in the current market. A similar tendency has also been reflected in the earnings of other shipping companies in this particular market sector due to less demand for long range product movements especially from eastern refineries to western economies.  

Paul Thomas, member of the Management Board of LSC observes that in recent years there has been a decline in demand for petroleum products, especially in the more developed Western economies, as well as an increase in the number of product tankers as a consequence of over ordering during the boom years of shipping. This has resulted in negative earnings for ship-owners.

However the current management has succeeded in achieving an increase in chartering rates on a year to year basis. LSC has been able to improve earnings due to the shipping professionalism of members of the management board and all the dedicated professional staff of Latvian Shipping Company.

Paul Thomas, member of the Management Board of LSC stresses: “The new management board is ensuring the company follows a strict policy of corporate governance. There is no longer any manipulation of chartering rates and the services of dishonest brokers have completely stopped”. Currently there is significant legal action being held in the UK courts in order to recover losses of USD 135 million caused by fraudulent charter schemes prior to and including 2005. LSC hopes to regain this money as a result of these legal proceedings in the next few years.

Paul Thomas, member of the Management Board of LSC in the interview with Latvian Business daily Dienas business disclosed that in the short term the company will not be able to pay dividends as it has an unaudited consolidated  loss of LVL 25 million in 2011.

Average LSC Fleet net TCE, USD/per day

FLEET Y 2010   FLEET 1Q 2011 2Q 2011 3Q 2011 4Q 2011 Y 2011

HS (7 vessels) 10 271   HS (7 vessels) 11 138 11 197 10 872 11 549 11 216

MR (10 vessels) 11 849   MR (12 vessels) 12 673 12 430 12 638 12 732 12 882

LR1 (1 vessel) 16 826   LR1 (1 vessel) 12 873 15 745 13 163 13 159 13 623



HS = handy size, 37 dwt

MR = medium range, 52 dwt

LR1 = long range, 68 dwt

Net TCE = TIME CHARTER EQUIVALANT earnings after deduction of commissions payable by LSC to shipbrokers(s)/charterers, port costs, bunker costs and any other applicable voyage related costs. The above figures reflect combined earnings of fleet for both timecharters and spot market trading.


LSC charter rates_LK frakta likmes_2011.pdf