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Announcement of member state of origin


Announcement of member state of origin

september 9, 2016 / Latvian Shipping Company

(in accordance with Article 3.1, Part 2.1 of the Law on the Financial Instruments Market of the Republic of Latvia)


1. Name of the Issuer: Joint stock company “Latvijas Kuģniecība”

2. Legal address: Elizabetes iela 1, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia

3. Identifier of the legal entity: Registration number in the state commercial register: 40003021108

4. Member State of origin: Latvia

5. Ground for preference of the Member State of origin: The Issuer of shares, included in regulated market

6. Member State in that regulated market are included securities of the Issuer: Latvia, 200 000 000 shares

7. Competent authorities to that the announcement form is filed: The Financial and Capital Market Commission

8. Date of notification: September 9, 2016

9. Initial date of three-year period: September 9, 2016

10. Additional information: None

11. Contact information:

Ketija Strazda, communication consultant

Cell: +371 26200580

Address of the Issuer: Elizabetes iela 1, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia

Responsible person of the Issuer for this announcement: Ketija Strazda, communication consultant

E-mail address:

Tel: +371 26200580, +371 67020100