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Community Investment

Ventspils nafta is a group of socially responsible companies. The people and the environment matter to us. For that reason, the most advanced environmental technologies are used and high safety standards are observed. Thereby, the company’s employees can be sure of safety in their working environment and enjoy significant benefits, including health insurance. The company’s clients and business partners can count on high-quality services. Investors can be assured about the future potential prospects of their investments. And the Latvian people can be proud of the contribution of Ventspils nafta to Latvia. For that reason, companies of the Ventspils nafta Group support several socially significant projects that are aimed at improving quality of life of the society.

The parent company of Ventspils nafta is certain that the company’s success is closely related to the surrounding society’s well-being and sustainable development. We are aware that facilitating progress is a long-term task, which requires significant investments in human resources. For that reason we support only long-term community projects that favour society’s education and growth.

Latvian association SOS Children’s Villages

Since 1997 the Latvian association SOS Children’s Villages has been providing long-term family based care for children who have lost their parents and implementing family strengthening projects. Its main goal is to create safe and favourable conditions for a child’s development and to do that, considering the child’s individual needs and rights.

Ventspils nafta is all for well-being and sustainable development of the surrounding society. For that reason it supports a socially significant organisation – the Latvian SOS Children’s Villages association, which takes care for the next generation of our society today, by improving the life quality of children who have lost their parents.

In 2014 Ventspils Nafta has donated 10’000 euro to the Latvian SOS Children’s Villages.

In 2016 Ventspils nafta has donated 10’000 euro to the Latvian SOS Children’s Villages.

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“Dzīvesprieks” (transl. – Joy of Life) is a social rehabilitation and professional education centre for orphans or parentless young people aged 15 to 18.

With its donation Ventspils nafta supported the centre’s initiative to educate and develop the young adults from all around Latvia who constantly stay at the “Dzīvesprieks” centre in Aizupe. At the centre they receive professional education in specialties of assistant chef, assistant tailor and repairman. 

The goal of the organisation is to help the young people to become wholesome members of society, giving them the same opportunities as others. There is a safe, family-like environment created at “Dzīvesprieks”, allowing each of the young people to develop their individuality, explore their talents and develop their interests.


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Mission Possible

Ventspils nafta was a silver supporter of Mission Impossible and donated to education promotion programme for many years.

Mission Possible is a program created by two Latvian companies and the Partners in Ideas Fund, which involves university graduates and novice professionals to work in schools. The objective of the program is to create a positive and progressive environment in schools, to raise prestige of the teacher’s profession and to increase motivation of pupils to learn, to help them become creative, capable and intelligent.

For 2010/2011 school year Ventspils nafta donated 15’000 LVL to the program.

For 2012/2013 school year Ventspils nafta donated 15’000 LVL to the program.

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The Latvian National Opera

Ventspils nafta places great significance on the role of cultural education in the healthy development of society, therefore the company supported one of Latvia’s brightest and internationally best known cultural organisations – the Latvian National Opera, by donating 25’000 lats in 2010