Ventspils nafta

About Company

What is Ventspils nafta 

The Group consists of the sixth largest Latvian-Russian joint venture in the Baltic States LatRosTrans Ltd, which provides transportation of petroleum products by the main diesel pipeline and which also owns the main pipeline for transport of crude oil.

The Group’s parent company JSC Ventspils nafta manages investments in companies of the Group and provides management services. The key task of the parent company is to promote continuous development of the group of companies, to ensure growth in value of each individual company and therefore increase the Group’s joint value.

Our Mission

The mission of JSC Ventspils nafta, the Group’s parent company, is to manage investments in the Group’s companies with a view to ensure development and maximise investment returns; to strengthen the position of the Group’s companies in the global market; and to make maximum use of the unique resources of Ventspils nafta – the experience and professionalism of employees, well developed infrastructure, modern technology and advantageous geographic location – always with a view to increase the economic value of the Group.

The mission of the Ventspils nafta Group is to safeguard transport infrastructure for some of the world’s most important raw materials and sources of energy – crude oil and petroleum products, by working in an advantageous and significant geographical intersection between Eastern and Western Europe. Combining long-term experience of employees, high quality service, developed infrastructure and continuous modernisation of technologies, we transport petroleum products and provide shipping services: with care for growth and for people, while paying the highest attention to our impact on the environment.

Our Vision

The goal of JSC Ventspils nafta,  the Group’s parent company, is to increase the value of investments in its managed companies and to ensure maximum operating efficiency; to maintain open dialogue with all shareholders, the Supervisory Council, management and other interested parties; to ensure transparency of the parent company’s operations and manage the company in line with best principles of good governance; to plan for any potential risks for the group of companies; and focus on having in place the best long term strategy for the Group.

The goal of the Ventspils nafta Group of companies is to become a globally recognised petroleum products transportation and shipping group – so that what the name Ventspils nafta signifies to our partners and the Latvian people is reliability, excellent quality of service, high environmental protection standards and an intent to always be a good corporate citizen.